TIG Brush

The TIG Brush® by Ensitech offers a viable alternative to pickling paste for the cleaning of stainless steel welds.

This small, powerful unit is changing the way stainless steel fabricators do business. It uses a unique high-temperature brush to conduct electrical energy to the surface of stainless steel. The high temperature combined with the mild solution quickly removes weld discolouration and simultaneously passivates the stainless steel surface.

The special brush tip design allows welds of all shapes and positions to be easily reached and cleaned. TIG Brush helps companies reduce workplace hazards, and is economical to run as well as kind to the environment.

The range of industries using the TIG Brush® is rapidly expanding. Applications include inside or outside stainless steel furniture where appearance is important (such as balustrading), fabrication for the food and wine industries, cleaning fittings in the marine industry, and general stainless steel weld cleaning.

Ensitech provides the TIG Brush® in a Kit that includes everything required to get you started!

*Australia & New Zealand / TBX -440 / TBX- 550 / TBX -700
 International / TBE-440 / TBE-550 / TBE-700



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