Cleaning & Finishing Fluids

Ensitech’s wide range of proprietary cleaning and finishing fluids is the result of extensive research, development and testing. Each fluid has been specially formulated for a specific application, and for use in specific conditions.

The product range covers all stages in the welding and surface finishing process, from pre-weld cleaning and decontanmination of the metal, through to finishing and protecting. At the cleaning stage, a choice of four fluids is available, with different characteristics suited to the performance and safety requirements of a range of industries and applications.

For stainless steel fabrication and maintenance in industries where a high-quality finish really matters, cleaning your work with a TIG Brush and genuine Ensitech cleaning fluids is your safest way to deliver flawless work and the highest passivation rate.

Stainless steel fluids in the range are briefly described below. For further information on products and their use, please visit the TIG Brush website or contact Ensitech.


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